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We offer a variety of local goods. Please contact Neal Creek Retreat if you are interested in any of the items.

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Peach wood smoking chunks

Peach tree wood smoking chunks for BBQ. All natural local peach wood. Peach wood is hard to find and is ideal for that exquisite sweet smoking flavor. The orchard is located in Belvidere, TN. The wood is seasoned and barn dried for 2+ years. Hand chopped into 2" to 3" chunks and placed in 2lbs bags. If you want more than two lbs the qty and cost is negotiable. Large and commercial smoker sizes and qty of mini splits can be provided (5" x 3-4" dia or larger. Peach is great for Pork and Poultry. It has sweeter and milder flavor. Use peach with Hickory or Oak.

$10 per 2lb bag. Larger qtys are negotiable.